Fund Your Startup Business

We give you access to the cheapest money in the market; the Government backed Start Up Loan Company. We also give you access to all other funders and grant providers.

We believe that an effective funding strategy is critical to growing your business.

A lack working capital is a primary reason why enterprises fail to grow.

Successful business founders understand that they need to employ Other People’s Money within their business to finance their growth.

Why use your own money, when you can use other people’s money to fund your growth?

After all, shouldn’t your profits be building up your own personal wealth and financial security?

Our team has access to every funder in the UK and membership gives you full access to this;

  • Establishing your funding requirements to achieve your personal and business objectives.
  • Evaluating the funding options and identify all your funding options, including the Start Up Loan.
  • Approach the Start Up Loan company and other potential funders, attend meetings and liaise with funders to bring about the best deal.
  • Identify if the company has a Research and Development claim and if there are reasonable prospects of such a claim being made and refer you to our R and D claim gurus.